Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Inspiration

Just a quick note to add this picture of a padded silk velvet heart embellished with a gorgeous piece of vintage beading, half of an Edwardian buckle and a photo pin.  I wear it on my coat lapel or as the centerpiece on a vintage lace colored blouse.  I made it years ago and just found it in a drawer recently.  Actually, it is inspiring me to get out the old lace, etc., and make another one or two.  Easy enough - just find (or make) a heart pattern the size and shape that suits you.  Cut two hearts out of a piece of fabric (soft velvet is nice, but you can use any fabric - I think a faded vintage print would be wonderful, or turn a piece wrong side out to show the much more faded side).  Sew it up with wrong sides together - this gives you a little ledge to attach your edge trimming.  Then cut a slit in the back and push in a little bit of stuffing.  Don't make it too full or stiff - you want it to be soft.  Then get in your vintage stash drawer and pull out your very best stuff.  Drape it, dangle it, collage it - just have a good time until it pleases your eye.  I always like to have a focal piece, so I usually finish with a brooch or a particularly lovely piece of bric-a-brac.  Just somewhere for your eye to rest.  The possibilities are endless and the results can be stunning. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Afterthought

Just posted this fabric collage on Facebook, so thought I would post it here as well.  I did several of these about a year ago.  This one is done all in vintage laces in various shades of yellowing (old lace yellowing - my favorite color).  I used one new shabby fabric flower that I coffee dyed and tattered a bit and one image from an old postcard.  It's all kind of used and old looking.  At least I hope so ...  Don't think the whole thing shows in the photo, but you can get the idea.  Hope to do more and put them in a gallery on my website for sale - that is as soon as I find a way to put at least 10 more hours in each day. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Collage Pages from KC Willis' Book Class

I am just putting the finishing touches on the fabric collage book I did in a class with KC Willis - when was it - April?  Time flies, but it wasn't too long ago.  Anyway, we had this fabulous class where we made this book and KC's wonderful flag.  It's huge and beautiful and it's hanging on the wall in the room I put together for my grandsons' visits.   But I digress,  As I was doing the last bit of arranging and gluing, I thought I'd post a couple of the pages here.  So here you are. 
This is one I call Girl in Oval Frame. 

This one I call Deco Lady.

This is a little one I have not found a place for yet.  I couldn't find a place to stop, so this book is 18 pages long!  Too much??  I think not... 

New Additions to the Website

Have not been posting lately.  Will try to change that, but my oh my do we stay busy here at Flights of Fancy.  New stuff arriving every day - which is great and exciting, except that every new thing that comes through the door has to be scanned or photographed and put on the website.  So blogging time is cut short by ordering time and scanning time and packing time.  But we must love it all, as we have been doing it for over twenty years and really show no signs of stopping.  So here goes. 

We are just adding some pretty new little venise lace motifs to the website this weekend.  Here is a picture of a couple of them.  These are 3" x 3" and are teadyed.  Then we filled the baskets with 3 ombre rosettes, 3 tiny french knot mums and 7 little velvet leaves.  We call the lighter one Sunshine and the darker one Shade.  Carole makes them all, and will continue to make them until she either runs out of enthusiasm or the goodies to make them with.  So don't wait too long, either of those things could happen at any time. 

We think they are a little reminiscent of the handmade ribbon motifs that we find once in awhile from around the turn of the century.  These are certainly not as precious and fragile, but they remind us a little of those little treasures.  We think they are perfect for a crazy quilt patch - or lots of other things - let us know what you think... 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Note - Great Blog to Report

I find new and wonderful blogs all the time, but found one last week that kind of stopped me in my tracks.  I feel sure lots of you know KC Willis, the fabulous Western collage artist.  In fact, I have read in several of your posts that you have taken some of her classes as she travels around the country.  Well, I just discovered her blog,  Wow!  I started just skimming it, and before I knew it I had read every word, most of it through tears.  It is at once inspiring, compelling, refreshing, revealing and a most personal glimpse into the heart of this truly remarkable human being.  I don't know where you are in your life, but I think KC has something to offer us all.  You can enjoy her art on her website,  Maybe that would be a good place to start, then go from there to her blog.  Anyway, when you have a few minutes to spare, take a look.  I promise you will come away with something to think about. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Very First Post

Just a note to get this whole thing started.  Like everyone else who starts a blog, I'm a little nervous and a little unsure of how to start and where to go with all of this.  I have a lot of ideas and a lot of plans.  All I need is the time and a big shot of confidence.  So, I guess the best thing to do is jump in and see what happens.  How scary can it be? 

I have this website,  - actually, I have had this web business for almost twenty years now.  I sell trims and embellishments of all descriptions.  I thought it might be fun to use my blog to show you how to use some of my trims and embellishments in projects.  So one at a time I'll give some how-to instructions using pictures and descriptions. 

I'd love to have some feedback on what you think and how I might make the instructions easier to understand.  Will get the ball rolling shortly.