Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Additions to the Website

Have not been posting lately.  Will try to change that, but my oh my do we stay busy here at Flights of Fancy.  New stuff arriving every day - which is great and exciting, except that every new thing that comes through the door has to be scanned or photographed and put on the website.  So blogging time is cut short by ordering time and scanning time and packing time.  But we must love it all, as we have been doing it for over twenty years and really show no signs of stopping.  So here goes. 

We are just adding some pretty new little venise lace motifs to the website this weekend.  Here is a picture of a couple of them.  These are 3" x 3" and are teadyed.  Then we filled the baskets with 3 ombre rosettes, 3 tiny french knot mums and 7 little velvet leaves.  We call the lighter one Sunshine and the darker one Shade.  Carole makes them all, and will continue to make them until she either runs out of enthusiasm or the goodies to make them with.  So don't wait too long, either of those things could happen at any time. 

We think they are a little reminiscent of the handmade ribbon motifs that we find once in awhile from around the turn of the century.  These are certainly not as precious and fragile, but they remind us a little of those little treasures.  We think they are perfect for a crazy quilt patch - or lots of other things - let us know what you think... 

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